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Decision Making – we do it every day, but how can we be sure the decisions we make are good ones?

“Somewhere along the line of development we discover what we really are, and then we make our real decision for which we are responsible. Make that decision primarily for yourself because you can never really live anyone else’s life.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

To make a decision involves thoughtfully considering multiple alternatives and then reaching a conclusive judgment on which option, if any, to adopt. Common examples include buying a house, deciding what to eat, and deciding whether to rent or buy a car.

Decisions are an important part of many professions, where specialists apply their expertise in a given area to make informed decisions. For example, in the medical profession, it often involves making a diagnosis and selecting an appropriate treatment. In Information Technology, technology solutions are usually selected by enterprise architects . They lead planning in which technology solutions best enable business strategies.

The outcomes of Management Decisions are often used to evaluate whether a manager is successful or not. A common question that arises is whether managers make Rational Decisions or irrational decisions.

Achieving quality results and good decisions is not an accident. It is a repeatable process. As far back as Aristotle, good decision makers take a systematic approach.

They know and understand what situation they need to resolve and why they need to resolve it. They avoid Decision Making Pitfalls. See our tips and decision making mistakes. They document decisions so that efforts spent are maximized and can be reused.

They eliminate distractions, anxiety, subjectivity, and individual decision bias from the process. They make their choices based upon relevant facts and information, not on partial or conflicting data. They analyze their data and filter it appropriately.

Many individuals, Groups, and management are capable of success on their own and continually make good choices. Some are capable, but for various reasons still struggle. Others just lack the tools and time required.

You might want to learn about the Decision Process. There are many Decision Making Models, created over time, which we present to you here as a matter of education and reference. We have a framework of own, which is both a combination of the best practices from the best models, and our perspective on what is missing from all of them.

Another component is a number of Decision Tools and Decision Making Tools. We have a selection of them here, as well as an extensive section on the Decision Making Process, with articles on Methods, Steps, and Strategies and many types and examples of the processes in action.

We want to offer some help. Try out some Mind Tools – Make Time for Success!

Need help getting motivated? Why not Get Motivated! to make that decision.

Decide Guides
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Decision Making Tools: Tools to assist in decision analysis
Decision Making Tools: Matrix, Spreadsheet, List, Chart, Scorecard, and Decision Trees
Decision Making Tips… Quick Strategies for Making Good Decisions
Need some tips to make better decisions? Here are some decision making tips to help you up the quality of things you decide
Decision Making Pitfalls
Decision Making Pitfalls are outlined and potential methods and approaches to help the decision maker avoid them
Brainstorming – how else are we going to generate lots of potential alternatives? We can get a group together and come up with so many options!
Group Decision Making
Group Decision Making is a popular decision making method which includes input from members of a group formed to make a decision.
Management Decisions
Millions of Management decisions are made daily – are they good? the right ones? Why don’t you look at the tools you can use to make sure?
Decision Making Articles
Decision making articles, decision scenarios and various other decision making information
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