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About Decide Guide

We’d like to tell you about Decide Guide…

We are a small, agile, focused company. Our size allows us to focus on helping our client make a successful choice vs. prolonging the engagement or bringing in the masses

We are a Decision Making Enabler (DMO). From our experiences, we have developed a Decision Making Framework (DMF) that provides individuals and groups with a framework within which they can make better decisions. About Decide Guide systematizes the decision making process and provides the DMO with a list of solution options from which to choose.

We have much expertise contained in few resources, but we have the ability to pull in key, industry experts where required

We can provide lower cost solutions with quick turnaround because of our agility, providing a great value thin layer to management

We don’t assume to know better than the people who know an environment and its individual nuances. We do bring logic, another perspective, and a different set of questions. We don’t have THE answer. We have no cookie cutter product to sell, nor any technology to push – we are technology agnostics.

We view each client, each organization, and each problem domain as unique. We do not bring a Top Ten List of Answers to an engagement with the intent of fitting a new client’s dilemma into some ‘pre-fab’ solution.

We offer our solution, packaged with the best set of questions we think you need to ask yourself when making specialized decisions.

Our experience and expertise in many areas with many different organizations allow us to help you to focus on the key issues.

We have extensive experience in solutions work, through years of consulting and associated businesses, and feel that our ABOUT DECIDE GUIDE is your best short-cut to successful decisions that make you feel comfortable.

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