The Card Technique

Posted on May 15 2009

The card technique is used as part of the group decisions, or Brainstorming processes. You will need methods or tools such as this one to help you organize the ideas or alternatives that you have generated.

The Card Technique is a useful way to both organize and rank information. It is typically used with a facilitation, workshop or Brainstorming session, because it is the easiest and fastest way to complete the arduous task of sorting out all of those great ideas.

The group will need to come up with the highest level categories. If possible, tape a large sheet of poster paper on the wall for each category. The name of the category may not be chosen initially, but after items are grouped together. This might even be the most contentious part of this exercise – naming the grouping!

Go through the sheets of paper where ideas where generated and list each idea, issue or piece of information that is agreed to stand for consideration by the group on a sticky page (much smaller than the large flipchart paper). The sub-ideas or items can all be placed on such sticky pages and attached to the higher level categories. The sticky pages can be moved and reorganized, and then if possible, prioritized for further use by the group.

The card technique will become a favorite, so it is good to learn and practice it well.

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