Decide Guides are your answer to quick, efficient decision making using a tried and tested process.

Over the years, we have worked with many clients, helping them to make major personal and professional decisions. From this work, we have developed a structured Decision Making Process (our Decision Framework that has been extremely successful in both consulting and counseling environments.

Our work using the Decision Making Framework has been primarily on a face to face basis with our clients. However, while doing this work, we have discovered the need for a program of self directed decision making aides to assist people in making decisions on their own. To address this need, we have developed a new, online program that we call our Decide Guideâ„¢ Program.

The core of any decision making process is the set of questions that drive the process to the accumulation of information needed to make the ultimate choice. Each individual DECIDE GUIDE consists of information you will need to move further in your decision, or tools that will help you to solve your problem or issues such as:

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