Illusion of Flexibility

Posted on May 15 2009

Occasionally, a decision to be made by us is riddled by the illusion of flexibility. This is common when a government or employer changes the way you may declare something, or options they have put out for you to choose between.

Most of us won’t realize, until it’s too late, that incorporating flexibility often makes things less flexible in the long run. In an illusion of flexibility example, I was once presented with newly created insurance option, created for me by my employer. My employer was an insurance company, so at first I thought “Hey, wow, this is great – I can opt out of one benefit, and put more money towards another”.

Once I got to the fine print, I realized that in order to use this great new system, which, by the way, never got off the ground because most employees opted out, insisted I pick from their list of dentists and doctors if I wanted the maximum amounts of those benefits.

Great flexibility, but reduced choices and inflexible options if you’d built up a relationship with an existing doctor.

If more flexibility is given to one party, there must be a trade-off and it’s worth investigating before a decision is made, as it may be deterimental in the long run.

Try some of our Decision Making Tools to evalate your options before jumping into something for the long haul.

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