Posted on May 15 2009

Indecision is always the key to flexibility – your options are still open as long as you are undecided. It occurs when a decision cannot be made, even after all of the options have been presented and some analysis has been done. Indecision is one of the most common Decision Making Pitfalls that people experience.

Sounds good? Well, not really – if you can’t decide, you aren’t ever going to get what it is you want or need to make a decision about. You may allow for new choices to appear, but the uncertainty or lack of closure can bring on anxiety and stress. When in doubt, consult your inner child. Thing about what you really want, if there were no constraints, rules or any one passing judgement on you.

If it doesn’t come naturally, leave it to simmer for awhile. Indecision can come because you either don’t have enough information or you are simply not ready to make it. Sometimes it is difficult when the difference between decisions is small, or the options aren’t completely understood or even known.

You may need more analysis, but beware Analysis Paralysis, in which analysis goes beyond adding any value to the decision exercise.  Another problem might be procrastination.  Is that what is holding you back from deciding?

One particular method, while not necessarily the best, is making decision by Minimizing Regret. One cannot regret something if they have not decided, but one cannot enjoy or reap the rewards of making the decision alternatively.

Making a decision is easy: when the difference is big you know what to choose, and when the difference is small, it does not really matter what you chose. List and rate the risks by likeliness to occur, and apply your preferences to the alternatives.

Often, making a bad decision is better than making no decision at all. Importance is always relative to the size, cost and impact of the decision to be made. Decision making takes practice, and knowledge. Find your own process that works for you and use it as much as you can!

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