Making The Decision

Posted on May 15 2009

If you have used some of our Decision Making Tools to help you in making the decision, so have some numbers on front of you. Now what do you do? Take a look at the following, and you are on your way to making the decision

Evaluate options against weighted criteria

If you already have used a weighted matrix to evaluate your data, or used other tools to help you decide – it’s time!

–One or two options should be obviously less suitable

–Drop the least suitable options

–Remember, you are looking for the best choice, not the first satisfactory one you can find (unless of course you are hungry and deciding on a restaurant) and are satisficing

–Think about how you, or the stakeholders “feel”. If the decision feels “wrong”, check the criteria and weighting to make sure you have left nothing out

–Always make sure the decision is being driven by the right issues

–It is not always possible to get total consensus before the time has come to make the decision

–Your team may need help to understand why you need to decide now

–Look at option, weigh advantages and disadvantages, point out potential problems and document them

–Plan and schedule WHEN the decision will be made

Were you succesful in making the choice? If so, you will need to put an action plan or implementation plan together to get it into action.

What if you couldn’t decide? Try some of our and try another approach. Try some of our and see if there is a way you can test each viable alternative out. You should have at least been able to narrow down the plausible alternatives.

Want another option? Check out our DECIDE GUIDES and see if we have a step-by-step method in which we can help you out.

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