Decision Making Pitfalls

Decision Making Pitfalls – they are inevitable!

Many times in life, we are forced or wish to make changes. Some of us are very good at it, while many of us experience Decision Making Pitfalls and

decision making mistakes at some time or another. If you can recognize your weaknesses, without avoiding them, you can realize your true goals.

Making a decision can be liberating, but we have to live with the ones we have made. If we acknowledge the problems that can arise, and the potential ways to avoid them and other decision making mistakes.

We should not ignore our values and the impact on those around us. We live in a society in which many personality types and behaviors exists, and more suited towards particular tasks.

If we learn about our personality type and the types of others, we can understand why people react differently to various decisions. Accordingly, if we notice that someone seems to be unable to make an impersonal decision that is isolated from human perspective, we should say to ourselves, “Ah ha, here is a feeler. This person does not use thinking well, and that is why they’re behaving this way.”

Yet when we as feelers are presented with a situation that requires an impersonal approach, we should NOT say to ourselves “I am a feeler, and can’t be expected to make decisions based purely on impersonal facts and logic.” This kind of rationalization for behavior is certainly good excuse, but the decision has to get made!

The Pitfalls

Analysis Paralysis

Avoiding Decision

Dealing with Uncertainty

Fear of Commitment

Fear of Regret

Illusion of Flexibility


Resisting Change

Too Many Choices

Decision Making Mistakes

Strategic Delays

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