PMI Tool

Posted on May 15 2009

PMI is a tool

PMI Tool is actually a tool (PMI), used for a quick evaluation for decisions that do not have a lot of potential for adverse implications. The PMI Model is employed simply. See our FREE PMI Template.

First, take a chart (paper or electronic) with three columns. Title the first Pluses, the second Minues, and the Third Interesting Points.

For each decision, quickly run through the three options and list as many as possible. The objective is to construct lists that will illustrate heavily weighted outcomes to a particular decision. For example, if there are 3 pluses, and 14 minuses for a decision, one must seriously look at the possibility that this alternative alternative be discarded. One must also evaluate the interesting points, as these may shed some insight to the decision at hand.

Be sure to check out DECIDE GUIDES for detailed step-by-step Decision Guides for common decisions.

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